Overheard on the Ferry to Toronto Island Park


“…so I go ‘Yeast infection’ and he’s like,  ‘What?’ And I go ‘So no, not happening.’ And he goes, “I’m not trying to have sex with you, just pass me the fucking Cheerios!'”

“Well at least you know where you stand.”

“I was like ‘Then use your words and don’t paw at me when you want something, it gets fucking confusing!’ Then I went upstairs and sulked for a while.”

“You know you can still-”

“Yeah but he doesn’t know that.”

“So you just weren’t in the mood?”

“No! It was seven o’clock in the morning!”

“Ok…But then why are you mad at-?”

“I know! I’m just-”



“Alright. Okay.”

“Fucking. Aaa… You know?”

“Alright well…What are those birds over there anyways?”



“Its just that he’s SUPPOSED to want to all the time!”

“But we’re not on the sea. This is a lake.”

“He used to always want to.”

“Lakegulls? Are they lakegulls maybe? That a thing?”

“A seagull’s a fucking seagull, Daren.”